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List of Funeral Directors

Should you require the services of a funeral director, below is a comprehensive list of funeral directors in Kettering and the surrounding areas.

Kettering and Surrounds

Averil Phillips Funeral Directors www.averilphillips.co.uk
Co-Operative Funeral Care Kettering www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Co-Operative Funeral Care Desborough www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
J.R. Norris Funeral Directors www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Jack Warwick Funeral Service www.warwick-funerals.co.uk
Phillip’s Funeral Service www.dignityfunerals.co.uk

Wellingborough and Surrounds

Bruce Carter & Son Funeral Directors www.dignityfunerals.co.uk
Co-Operative Funeral Care Wellingborough www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
John Drage Funeral Directors www.dignityfunerals.co.uk
Margaret Rose Funeral Directors margaretrosefunerals.co.uk
Toby Hunt Funeral Directors www.crowsonstobyhuntfd.co.uk

Rushden and Surrounds

A. Abbott & Sons Funeral Directors www.abbottfunerals.co.uk
Co-Operative Funeral Care Rushden www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Co-Operative Funeral Care Raunds www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Rushden & District Funeral Services www.dignityfunerals.co.uk


Co-Operative Funeral Care Corby www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Margaret Rose Funeral Directors margaretrosefunerals.co.uk

Market Harborough

Co-Operative Funeral Care Corby www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
J. Stamp & Sons www.jstampandsons.co.uk

Northampton and Surrounds

A. Bonham & Son Funeral Directors www.dignityfunerals.co.uk
Abington Funeral Service www.abingtonfuneralservice.co.uk
Co-Operative Funeral Care Northampton www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Co-Operative Funeral Care Stockley Street www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Hollowell’s Funeral Directors www.hollowells.co.uk
John White Funeral Directors www.johnwhitefunerals.co.uk
Kevin Matthews Funeral Service
Mark Elliott Funeral Service
Richard Finch & Sons Funeral Directors www.finchfunerals.co.uk
S.E. Wilkinson’s Funeral Directors www.northamptonfuneraldirectors.co.uk/

Leicester and Surrounds

A.J. Adkinson & Son www.ajadkinsonandson.co.uk
Asian Funeral Company www.asianfuneral.org
Asian Funeral Services www.dignityfunerals.co.uk
Ginns & Gutteridge Funeral Directors www.dignityfunerals.co.uk


E.M. Dorman’s Funeral Directors www.emdormanfunerals.co.uk


Crowson’s Funeral Directors www.crowsonstobyhuntfd.co.uk


Co-Operative Funeral Care Oakham www.co-operativefuneralcare.co.uk
Fords of Oakham www.fordsfuneraldirectors.co.uk