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Supporting Tenants

Setting Up Your New Home

If you are moving into your very first tenancy, you will have lots to do to get things up and running.  You may also find you have lots to buy which can be costly. Use the guidance and tips below to help you set up your new pad!

Setting up a new home on a budget

You should start by assessing what you need, not what you want.  Stick to essentials at first, then you can concentrate on the little extras.  The main things you are going to need are;

  • Something to cook and eat/drink with (cooker, crockery, pots/pans, cutlery, cups etc)
  • Somewhere to sleep (bed/mattress, bedding and duvet)
  • Somewhere to sit (sofa, chairs, armchair)

Head to Facebook first

You could try your luck on Facebook before you start buying things. You can post an update on local gifting pages asking for the things you need. Many people use these pages as a way of getting rid of their old stuff so you can simply pick up what you need for free! You may be surprised by people's kindness and how much they will go out of their way to help you.

Bag unwanted freebies on Giveaway websites

The websites below all help people avoid using landfill by recycling and donating unwanted items:


I Love Freegle

Trash Nothing

Reuse and Repair

Avoid high cost credit options

High street stores that offer high-cost credit options may offer what look like affordable weekly repayments on items like televisions and washing machines, but if you look closer at the deals available and the total amount you will pay, you will see they are a very expensive way of getting things.  For example, the APR may be as high as 69% Representative which means you will pay many times what the item is worth.  Avoid!

Budgeting Loans and Advances

You may be eligible for a budgeting loan from the DWP if you have been in receipt of certain benefits (not Universal Credit) for the last 6 months.  If you claim UC, you may be able to claim a Budgeting Advance instead.  These loans will have to be paid back from your benefits, however they will be interest free.