Apply for a Council Garage

The Council have secure lock up garages for rent across the borough which offer value for money, flexibility and freedom.

You will not be considered for a garage if:

  • You are under 18 years of age
  • You are not resident in Kettering Borough
  • You are in arrears of Council rent or Council Tax

What happens after you've applied for a garage?

You will receive an acknowledgement letter confirming that you have been accepted onto the waiting list. If you have any arrears / debts with Kettering Borough Council, you will receive a letter advising that you should resubmit an application once your account has been cleared.
You will be contacted by letter or telephone when a suitable garage becomes available. It is recommended that you visit the garage site and view the garage from the outside before you accept any offer. If no response is made to a garage offer within 14 days, you will be removed from the waiting list.

Please note:

  • The waiting list for a garage is allocated in date order, with priority given to Blue Badge holders and Council tenants / leaseholders
  • Garages currently cost £10.16 per week for Council tenants / leaseholders and £12.19 (inclusive of VAT) per week for non-tenants. Some of the larger garages cost slightly more.
  • Council tenants and non-tenants are allowed a maximum of three garages. Non-tenants pay VAT on all garages and Council tenants with more than two garages must also pay VAT.

What are the conditions of a garage tenancy?

If you accept a garage offer, you will be advised to come into our Customer Service Centre to sign up. You will sign a tenancy agreement and collect the keys. You will need to bring in a form of I.D, make an initial four week’s payment by debit/credit card (cash payments are not accepted) and arrange a payment method (preferably by Direct Debit although we do offer a rent payment card).

The conditions of a garage tenancy briefly comprise of:

  • Payment is to be made at least one week in advance and your account kept in credit at all times. If you do not keep up with payments, you risk losing your entitlement to a garage.
  • The garage is to be used for the storage of a motor car or motor cycle and no other purpose.
  • The garage must be kept securely locked at all times other than for access purposes and vehicles should not be parked on the garage frontage.
  • You must not assign or sub-let the garage.
  • During your garage tenancy, you must notify the council of any change of home address or contact number without delay.

You are responsible for the keys. If you lose your keys it is your responsibility to replace them, this will be at your own cost. You may add additional locks to secure your garage, however these locks should remain in place and the keys handed in when the tenancy is ended.

Location of Garages

Apply to rent a Council garage online 
Alternatively, you can call Customer Services on 01536 410 333 for an application form