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Planning Appeal - 16-18a Horsemarket, Kettering (KET/2019/0663 & KET/2020/0586)

Core documents list

All the core documents for this appeal are listed below.  Please scroll down.

Core documents for both applications are available through the planning application pages.  Please scroll down to the "Copyright Notice" and place a "tick" in the "I Agree" box and "Submit".  Your screen will refresh and when you scroll down again the documents and plans will be visible:

CD1 Application Documents and Plans - KET/2019/0663


Application form

1.2 Location and existing site plans (19-084-01B)
1.3 Design and access statement
1.4 Proposed vehicle tracking (19-084-05-A)
1.5 Construction and site traffic management plan
1.6 Constructipn phase plan
1.7 Road closure and diversion plan (TMO-PL-009 Rev 9)
1.8 Drainage plan
1.9 Proposed site plan CCTV (19-084-04)
1.10 Estate management and security programme
1.11 Financial viability analysis
1.12 HCEAT appendix 1
1.13 Travel plan
1.14 Email
1.15 Height and heritage impact statement
1.16 Visual impact analysis
1.17 Proposed vehicle tracking (19-084-05C)
1.18 Design and access statement (1B)
1.19 Design and access statement appendix (1C)
1.20 Height and heritage impact analysis
1.21 Visual impact analysis
1.22 Elevations (19-084-03-I)
1.23 Floor plans (19-084-02-F)
1.24 Site plan (19-084-04-E)

Vehicle tracking plan (19-084-05-D)

1.26 Site plan (19-084-04F)


CD2 Officer's Report and Decision Notice

2.1 Officer's report for KET/2019/0663
2.2 Decision notice for KET/2019/0663 


CD3 Appeal Statements

3.1 Appellant's appeal statement
3.2 LPA appeal statement