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Our Connect Online system is down for essential maintenance - this means if you need to report a Council Tax move, set up a Direct Debit or access your Council Tax account please contact us.

Council Tax Support


Council Tax Support could help reduce the amount you need to pay.  The scheme was originally introduced in April 2013 to replace Council Tax Benefit as a result of changes made by Central Government. Previously, 100% of the cost of Council Tax Benefit payments was reimbursed to local authorities – under the new scheme the Government continues to reduce the level of funding provided.

Under the 2020/21 scheme, the minimum payment of Council Tax is 45% - this is the same as 2019/20 scheme.

The scheme is currently split between the following two areas:

• one for pensioners which is a national scheme exempt from the 45% rule
• and a local scheme for working age customers.

The amount of support you receive and how your income affects this may vary depending on your circumstances. We are unable to list all the variations; however you can use our Benefit Calculator to see if you may be eligible.

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