Discounts and Exemptions

The full Council Tax bill is based on having two adults living in a property. The bill is not increased if there are more than two adults living there, but can be reduced if there is only one.  It can also be reduced if there are 2 or more adults but they qualify for a discount. 

If one or more of the adults in the property qualifies for a council tax discount then we may be able to disregard them. The council tax payable would then be based on there only being one adult and they would then receive a 25% discount.  

To check if you are entitled to a discount we would do the following,

  1. Count the number of adults who live with you as their main home
  2. Ignore anyone who fits the conditions for one of the council tax discounts (you may need to complete an application form)
  3. After that if we are left with only one person who does not fit the discount conditions and so can't be ignored we can award a 25% discount
  4. If everyone fits the conditions for one of the discounts then we can reduce your bill by 50% or possibly make you completely exempt

The following pages contain details of the various discounts that may apply.