Council Tax Recovery

Reminder Notices

Council Tax is a yearly charge that we normally ask you to pay over 10 instalments beginning in April, unless other arrangements have been made.

Instalments dates available are the 1st and 15th of the month if paying by Direct Debit, or just the 1st if paying by other methods.

A reminder notice will be issued if an instalment is not paid on time. Unlike many other bills (e.g. gas or electricity) where a reminder is sent every time payment is late, we will only send two reminder notices for Council Tax each year.

If you receive a reminder notice you then have 7 days to pay the missed instalment.  If you do not pay the amount due, your right to pay by instalments will be lost and the whole amount for the year will become due.

The reminder notice will show:

  • The instalment required to be paid
  • The fact that if the amount is not paid within 7 days, the full amount will become due.

Final Reminder Notices

A final reminder notice is only legally required when the amount outstanding has changed since the last reminder, or where a bill was issued later in the year to a new occupier and there was no right to instalments.

To protect the Council's interest, a hold will not be placed on recovery proceedings at reminder/final notice stage unless a Direct Debit is set up.

If you wish to switch to Direct Debit, no further recovery action will be taken in respect of the reminder, provided that the Direct Debit agreement is honoured. Recovery proceedings will recommence straight away if any Direct Debit payments default.

You can phone our Response Centre on 01536 534235 to set up a paperless Direct Debit over the telephone. Please have your bank details to hand.