Council Tax Recovery

The Stages of Recovery

Stages of Recovery

If you fall behind with your payments, or you are paying late, we will send you a Reminder. This gives you seven days to pay.

If you bring your account up to date, but fall behind again, we will send you a second Reminder. We will only send a maximum of two reminders in any financial year.

If you don't pay or don't keep to an arrangement to pay, you will lose the right to pay in instalments and we will send you a Final Notice. The full year's council tax becomes due.

The next stage is to issue you with a court summons.

Please note that you can make an arrangement with the Council at any stage of the recovery process. You may be asked to supply details of your income and outgoings to help us make an arrangement that you can afford.

Recovery Actions

There are a variety of recovery actions we may decide to take as part of the recovery process but we recommend you get in contact to avoid the problem getting worse.