Council Tax Recovery

How can I get help with my debts?

The following organisations offer help and advice to sort out your debt problems:

Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) - The Council works closely with the CAB and makes every effort to signpost customers who may require their assistance. CAB is available for free, independent advice on financial matters.  Customers can visit the CAB at Kettering Council offices on weekdays between 9am and 2pm and make an appointment by calling them directly.
Phone: 0844 855 2122

East Midlands Credit Union - a savings and loan cooperative, where members pool their savings to lend to one another.
Phone: 01536 534247

National Debtline - this is a free helpline for people with debt problems.
Phone: 0800 808 4000

Advice UK - you can contact independent advice agencies through Advice UK at:
Phone: 020 7407 4070

StepChange - they give a free, confidential service to help you work out realistic solutions to your debt problems, avoid becoming bankrupt and learn how to manage your money.
Phone: 0800 138 1111