Completion Notices for New Properties

Completion Notice Appeals

If you agree with the proposed completion date, please complete and return the notice within 14 days of the date of the notice.  However, if you disagree, an appeal can be made against a completion notice on the grounds that the building:

  • has not been completed
  • cannot reasonably be expected to be completed by the specified day

Your right of appeal is to the Valuation Tribunal.  However, in the first instance please contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss the reasons why you disagree with the completion date.  It may be a matter we can easily resolve without your need to appeal.  Please telephone the Council Tax team on 01536 534241 to discuss the matter, but please note that you may be asked to e-mail your objections to  A revised completion notice will be issued if necessary.

If, once the Council has considered your objection, you still disagree with the decision made, you have a right of appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.  This must be done within four weeks of the date of service of the completion notice, so it is important to contact the Council as soon as possible if you do disagree with the completion date.

Where a completion notice is not withdrawn and no appeal is made, the date stated in the notice will be treated as the completion date.  If an appeal is made and it is not dismissed or withdrawn, the completion day will be the day determined by the Tribunal.