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Planning Policy A to Z

The following documents are available by request.

Please email planningpolicy.kbc@northnorthants.gov.uk, the subject line should read 'Request a copy' and the message should state which document is required.

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Affordable Housing
Annual Monitoring Report
Assessment of The Old Dairy Site as a Medium Sized Supermarket


Broughton Neighbourhood Plan
Broughton Neighbourhood Development Order
Brownfield Land Register
Burton Latimer Urban Design Framework


Categorisation of Villages: Background Paper (October 2019)
Committee (Planning Policy)

Community Infrastructure Levy
Conservation Area Appraisals
Consultation Portal
Cycling Strategy for Kettering Borough


Defined and Protected Housing: Background Paper (October 2019)
Desborough Town Centre Urban Design Framework


Employment Allocations (February 2012)
Employment Allocations: Background Paper (August 2019)
Employment Land
Employment Land Review (November 2018)




Green Infrastructure Deliver Plan
Gypsy & Traveller – Options Consultations (2013)
Gypsy & Traveller Accommodation Assessment
Gypsy & Traveller Site Allocations


Habitat Regulations Assessment - Part 2 Local Plan (December 2019)
Health Checks
HGV Parking Sites Assessment for the A14 (North Northamptonshire)
Historically & Visually Important Open Space
Historically & Visually Important Open Space (updated June 2016)
Historically & Visually Important Local Green Space: Background Paper (October 2019)
Housing Allocations
Housing Allocations (May 2018)
Housing Allocations: Background Paper (update October 2019)
Housing Land Supply: Background Paper (October 2019)
Housing Land Supply Report 2019-2024
Housing Needs Surveys


Infrastructure Delivery Schedule (December 2019)
Infrastructure Funding Statement 2020-2021

Ise Valley Strategic Plan


Joint Core Strategy (North Northamptonshire) 
Joint Planning & Delivery Unit (North Northamptonshire) 
Jointly Prepared Documents


Kettering General Hospital Local Development Order
Kettering Retail Sites Study
Kettering Station Quarter Report (December 2021) (Draft)
Kettering Town Centre Area Action Plan
Kettering Town Centre Area Action Plan - Monitoring Updates
Kettering Town Centre Delivery Plan
Kettering Town Transport Strategy
Kettering Urban Extension Strategic Design Guidance


Local Development Order - Kettering General Hospital
Local Development Scheme
Local Transport Plan


Market Town Centres Health Check Update (March 2016)
Minerals & Waste Local Plan


National Planning Policy Framework
Neighbourhood Planning
North Northamptonshire Joint Planning & Delivery Unit


Open Space & Allotments
Open Space Needs Assessment (PPG17)
Open Space Audit and Needs Assessment (March 2020)
Open Space Standards Paper (July 2020)


Parish Plans
Planning Obligations
Playing Pitch Audit & Needs Assessment (October 2019)
Playing Pitch Strategy (July 2020)
Planning Practice Guidance
Provision of Category 3 and General Housing for Older Persons (October 2019)


Rothwell & Desborough Site Assessments - Northamptonshire Highways (February 2018)
Rothwell & Desborough Site Assessments - NCC Ranking of Possible Growth Options (March 2018)
Rural Buildings and Farm Diversification (Re-use and Redevelopment)
Rural Master Plan
Rural Settlement Facilities


Seats on Street
Section 106 Agreements
Self & Custom Build Register
Self Building & Custom Build: Background Paper (August 2019)
Settlement Boundaries
Settlement Boundaries (updated April 2018)
Settlement Boundary: Background Paper (update October 2019)
Site Specific Part 2 Local Plan
Sports Facilities Audit & Needs Assessment (June 2020)
Sports Facilities Strategy (June 2020)
Statement of Community Involvement
Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment
Strategic Housing Market Assessment
Supplementary Planning Documents 
Surface Water Management Plan
Sustainability Appraisal Report (December 2019)
Sustainability Appraisal Non-Technical Summary (December 2019)


Town Centres and Town Centre Uses
Town Centres and Town Centre Uses (updated April 2018)
Town Centre Boundaries for Burton Latimer, Desborough and Rothwell


Urban Design Frameworks


Viability Assessment - Whole Plan (December 2019)
Village Design Statements
Assessment of Proposed Visually Important Open Spaces - RNRP (February 2014)
Assessment of Proposed Visually Important Open Spaces - RNRP (June 2016)