Commercial Waste - Quotation Request

Kettering Borough Council provide a Commercial Waste Collection service for businesses throughout the Borough.

We can supply the following containers to be emptied weekly, fortnightly or monthly:

  • 240ltr - Wheeled Bin (same size as the domestic bin)
  • 660ltr - 4 Wheeled Container
  • 1100ltr - 4 Wheeled Container
  • Sack or Adhesive label to fix to bundled waste (approx 80ltr capacity)

We also provide the following containers for recycling, which can be emptied fortnightly:

  • 1100ltr Container for mixed recycling (excluding paper)
  • 240ltr Wheeled bin for mixed recycling (excluding paper)
  • 240ltr Wheeled Bin for paper (paper collected separately)

Once this form has been submitted a Commercial Waste Officer will process your request and contact you directly with a quote. 

If you do not have space to store a bin away from the street then you can opt to use our sack or label collection service. Please email for more information about this service. 

In some cases a visit to assess the collection site maybe required.