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Kettering High Street Heritage Action Zone Application Form

Please note each page times out after approximately 20 minutes so please go the next page in good time to avoid your information being lost.  We recommend registering and logging into to our website before completing this form - this means that if you partially complete the form you can come back to it at later time as your information will be saved.

  • This application should be accompanied by a copy of the specification, (if necessary) drawings of the proposed works and priced schedule of works.  Your grant will be based on the grant eligible works detailed in the preferred priced specification.  Suitable photographs of the building(s) are also required, which show the building and the relevant areas where work is required. 
  • No work may be started until written approval is given, or you will not be eligible for grant.
  • If a grant is offered, it will normally include a condition that, if the building is sold within three years, the grant may be recovered.
  • Where a grant is for works to a building or to the public realm costing £20,000 or more in total, you must employ the services of a competent professional with relevant specialist conservation knowledge and experience. Where the grant is for any works to a Grade I or II* listed building, or for repair works to a Grade II listed building or an unlisted building, this professional must be an architect, chartered building surveyor or chartered architectural technologist with conservation accreditation.  For grants of less than £20,000, we would encourage the employment of a conservation accredited professional, but it is not a requirement.

Note: KBC will employ a conservation accredited professional as part of the HSHAZ team to advise on projects as an alternative.


< £20,000

≥ £20,000

Grade I or II*



Any type of work 

Encouraged, but not required 

Conservation accredited professional required

Unlisted or Grade II



includes repair

Encouraged, but not required 

Conservation accredited professional required 

convert, re-use, reinstate

Encouraged, but not required 

Conservation professional required 

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