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Council Tax - Exemption Request

You can apply for the following exemptions using this form:

Class D - Dwellings left empty by persons in detention - Who used to occupy the property as their sole and main residence.
Class E - Dwellings left empty by Patients in Hospital and Care Homes - Previously the sole or main residence of a person who now has their sole or main residence in a hospital or care home.
Class F - Dwellings left empty following the death of the resident - Where grant of probate or letters of administration have not been made, or less than six months have elapsed since the grant. May not apply where a personal representative is jointly liable.
Class G - Dwellings where occupation is prohibited by law or an Act of Parliament .
Class H - Empty dwellings held for the occupation by a Minister of Religion from which to perform his duties
Class I - Dwellings left empty by people receiving care - Which was previously the sole or main residence of a person who is now in another place other than a hospital or care home for the purpose of receiving personal care.
Class J - Dwelling left empty by people providing care - Which were previously the sole or main residence of the person who is now providing personal care for a person who requires such care.
Class K - Dwellings left empty by students Which were last occupied by one or more persons who now qualify as a student.
Class L - Dwellings which are unoccupied and in possession of the mortgagee
Class M - Halls of Residence
Class O - Dwellings owned by the Ministry of Defence for armed forces accommodation
Class P - Dwellings occupied by Members of Visiting Forces
Class Q - Dwellings left empty by a bankrupt person
Class R - Empty Caravan Pitch or Boat Mooring
Class S - Dwellings occupied only by under 18's
Class T - Unoccupied annexes unable to be let separately
Class W - Annexe or a similar contained property occupied by a dependent relative of the resident(s) living in the main dwelling

Other Discounts and Exemptions

Remember to notify Kettering Borough Council immediately of any changes to your circumstances.