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Council Tax - Single Person Discount Application

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What is a Single Person’s Discount?

The full Council Tax bill assumes that there are two adults aged 18 or over living in a dwelling. If only one adult lives in a property, the Council Tax bill is reduced by 25%. This is known as a Single Person’s Discount.

What if someone else is using my address? We will assess each case individually to determine whether or not your address should also be treated as the other person’s main home. If it is, you will not be entitled to claim a discount, since the property will be regarded as being occupied by two adults.

There are a number of factors that will be taken into account in reaching the decision, including what the person’s relationship is to you, where your personal belongings are kept, where your post is delivered, and how often and why they may sometimes be absent from your home. As an example, a couple may live at an address, but one of them is required to work away for long periods of time. However, that does not automatically mean that a Single Person’s Discount will be awarded to the remaining person during their time away, since the property may still be treated as their main home for the duration.

Remember to notify Kettering Borough Council immediately of any changes to your circumstances.