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Council Tax - Student Discount

To qualify for a student discount one of the following must apply:

1. Undertaking a full-time qualifying course

You must be undertaking a full time course at a prescribed educational establishment, that is:

a) It must last at least one academic or calendar year
b) Each year must consist of attendance for at least 24 weeks
c) Each week must consist of at least 21 hours of study

We will need a certificate from the place of study to confirm your student status

2. Undertaking a qualifying part-time course

You must be under 20 years of age and undertaking a qualifying part time course, which is: 

a) For at least 3 months and a minimum of 12 hours a week
b) Course level up to and including A-Levels
c) Principally between the hours of 8.30 am to 5.00 pm

We will need a certificate from the place of study to confirm your student status.

3. Foreign Language Assistant

You must be registered with the British Council (formerly the Central Bureau for Educational Visits and Exchanges), as a foreign language assistant, and appointed as such in a school or other educational institution in Great Britain. In this case we will need a letter from the British Council to confirm the appointment.

Non-British Spouses of Students

A person who is the spouse or dependant of a student is disregarded for discount purposes if they are not a British citizen and they are prevented by immigration regulations from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits whilst in the UK. In this case we will need to see the visa or passport to confirm the terms of the stay.

School Leavers

School or college leavers under 20 years of age, who have ceased to undertake a qualifying course of education between 30th April and 1st November, may also be considered for a discount (please ask for information about the School Leaver discount). To make the property completely exempt from Council Tax, proof must be given that everyone who lives in the property is a student as defined above.

If you are unsure what information you need to provide, or you have any further queries, please contact us on 01536 534235 or e-mail counciltax@kettering.gov.uk