Benefits - Report Suspected Benefit or Council Tax Fraud

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All investigations of suspected benefit fraud within the borough of Kettering are undertaken by the DWP's Single Fraud Investigation Service and should be reported to them.

If you wish to report a suspected Housing Benefit Fraud please telephone National Benefit Fraud Hotline on: 0800 854 440 or report the suspected fraud online on the DWP website

If you are wishing to report a person(s) that you suspect of committing a fraud that does not include Housing Benefit Fraud, please complete this form as fully as possible giving details of the person(s) you suspect of committing the fraud.

You can be assured that you have the right to remain anonymous and that all information provided will be treated in the strictest of confidence.

Please note: We are only able to investigate persons who are committing a fraud against Kettering Borough Council and we cannot investigate any allegations without a full name and address.

You can also phone us on Kettering 01536 535715 or email