6. Membership of the Council, the Executive and Committees and the Electoral Scheme

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The Membership of the Council, the Executive and Committees

The Council
For details of Councillors and Membership of committees, please visit www.kettering.gov.uk/councillors

The Executive
Cllr Russell Roberts (Chair), Cllr Lesley Thurland (Deputy Chair), Cllr Lloyd Bunday, Cllr Mark Dearing, Cllr Scott Edwards, Cllr David Howes and Cllr Mark Rowley


Cllr Russell Roberts
• Overall focus
• Direction and Vision
• Corporate Plan
• Innovation for a modern borough

Cllr Lesley Thurland
• Support on Corporate Direction

Portfolio Holder for Finance
Cllr Lloyd Bunday
• Budget and Financial Strategy
• Efficiency
• Revenues and benefts
• KBC Assets
• Developer Contributions
• Growth and Infrastructure
• External pressures

Portfolio Holder for Strategic Delivery & Environment
Cllr Ian Jelley
• Delivery of the Long Term Vision
• Strategy Management
• Local Partnership and Business Support
• Attracting inward Investment
• Planning Policy
• The Green Agenda
• Crematorium & Cemeteries
• Recycling: Finance; Credits; Recycling &
Refuse Collection
• S106 Finance
• Planning Enforcement

Portfolio Holder for Regeneration
Cllr Mark Dearing
• Suite 16
• Parking and Generic Wardens
• Local Infrastructure
• Healthy High Streets
• Healthy Environments
• Pedestrianisation
• Street Scene and Services
• Urban Design and Conservation
• Licensing
• Urban Transport
• Urban Broadband
• Urban Parish and Town Councils

Portfolio Holder for Housing and Communications
Cllr Mark Rowley
• Housing Management & Finance
• Housing Advice
• Housing Benefits
• Private Landlords
• Housing Associations
• Provision of new quality Council housing
• Marketing and Communications
• Customer Services

Portfolio Holder for Rural
Cllr David Howes
• Gypsy and Travellers
• Rural Transport
• Rural Broadband
• Rural Issues
• Protection and provision of rural jobs
• Rural Parish and Town Councils

Portfolio Holder for Community, Leisure & Youth
Cllr Scott Edwards
• Community Development
• Community Safety
• Leisure Provision
• Heritage
• Tourism
• Sports & Health
• Youth Services
• Skills
• Equalities & Access

The Standards Advisory Committee
Ms Julie Miller, 9 Brambleside, Kettering, NN16 9BH - Chair, Non elected independent member
Mr Stuart Kilpatrick, 25 Fineshade Close, Barton Seagrave, NN15 6SL - Deputy Chair, Non elected independent member
Mr Phil Carter, 3 Purlieu Court, Naseby, Northampton, NN6 6AN - Non elected independent member
Mr Brian Christie, 15 Thistle Drive, Desborough, NN14 2JL - Non elected independent member
Mr Lloyd Landry, 6 Wolfe Close, Kettering, NN15 5DA - Non elected independent member
Vacant - Parish Council Representative
Vacant - Town Council Representative
Councillor Ruth Groome, Borough Councillor
Councillor Cliff Moreton, Borough Councillor
Councillor Jonathan West, Borough Councillor
The Council's Independent Member
Mr Mike Sawford, 6 Ashley Court, Kettering, NN16 8JQ

The Scrutiny Committees
Research & Development
Councillors Duncan Bain (Chair), Greg Titcombe (Deputy Chair), Michael Brown, Ash Davies, Jenny Henson, Mick Scrimshaw and Mike Tebbutt
Substitutes: Councillors Cedwien Brown, John Currall, Maggie Don, Ruth Groome, Paul Marks and Cliff Moreton

Monitoring & Audit
Councillors Jonathan West (Chair), Anne Lee (Deputy Chair), Ash Davies, Jenny Henson, Paul Marks, Mike Tebbutt and Greg Titcombe
Substitutes: Councillors June Derbyshire, Maggie Don, Cliff Moreton, Mick Scrimshaw, David Soans and Margaret Talbot

The Regulatory Committees
Planning Committee
Councillors Shirley Lynch (Chair), David Soans (Deputy Chair), Linda Adams, Ash Davies, Clark Mitchell, Cliff Moreton, Mark Rowley, Lesley Thurland and Greg Titcombe
Substitutes: Councillors Scott Edwards, David Howes, Ian Jelley, Anne Lee, Paul Marks, Jan Smith and Jonathan West

Licensing Committee
Councillors LLoyd Bunday (Chair),June Derbyshire, Jenny Henson, Ian Jelley, Anne Lee, Clark Mitchell, Cliff Moreton, David Soans and Greg Titcombe
Substitutes: Councillors Linda Adams, Duncan Bain, John Currall, Maggie Don, Paul Marks and Jan Smith

Planning Policy Committee
Councillors Michael Tebbutt (Chair), Linda Adams, Duncan Bain, Cedwien Brown, Ash Davies, June Derbyshire, Ruth Groome, Ian Jelley, and Jan Smith
Substitutes: Councillors Michael Brown, David Howes, Clark Mitchell, Cliff Moreton, Mark Rowley, Margaret Talbot and Greg Titcombe

The Electoral Scheme

1. Ordinary elections to Kettering Borough Council are held every 4 years for all Councillors on the first Thursday in May. The next elections are due to be held in May 2019.
2. The Borough is divided into 17 wards which each return 1, 2 or 3 councillors. A map showing the wards is available for inspection at the Municipal Offices and on the Council’s web-site (www.kettering.gov.uk). The electoral services team would also be happy to advise.
3. The current electoral scheme was introduced by The Borough of Kettering (Electoral Changes) Order 2006, an extract from which (taken from the www.hmso.gov.uk web-site) is below.

Wards of the Borough of Kettering

All saints - 3 Councillors
Avondale Grange - 2 Councillors
Barton - 2 Councillors
Brambleside - 2 Councillors
Burton Latimer - Area: Burton Latimer parish - 3 Councillors
Desborough Loatland - Area: Loatland parish ward of Desborough parish - 2 Councillors
Desborough St Giles - Area: St Giles Ward of Desborough Parish - 2 Councillors
Ise Lodge - 3 Councillors
Northfield - 1 Councillor
Pipers Hill - 2 Councillors
Queen Eleanor & Buccleuch - Area: Cranford parish, Geddington parish, Grafton Underwood parish, Newton and Little Oakley parish, Warkton parish, Weekley parish - 1 Councillor
Rothwell - Area: Rothwell parish - 3 Councillors
Slade - Area: Broughton parish, Great Cransley parish, Harrington parish,
Loddington parish, Mawsley parish, Rushton parish, Pytchley
parish, Thorpe Malsor parish - 2 Councillors
St Michael’s and Wicksteed - 3 Councillors
St Peter’s - 2 Councillors
Welland - Area: Ashley parish, Brampton Ash parish, Braybrooke parish, Dingley parish, Glendon parish,
Rushton parish, Stoke Albany parish, Sutton Bassett parish, Weston by Welland parish, Wilbarston parish - 1 Councillor
William Knibb - 2 Councillors