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Hedgerow Removal Guidance

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Hedgerow Removal Notice
Guidance on hedgerow removal notice.

The regulations apply to any hedgerow which:
- grows in, or adjacent to any common land, local nature reserve, Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), or land used for agriculture, forestry of the breeding or keeping of horses, ponies of donkeys and
- has a continuous length of at least 20 metres, or if less than 20 metres, meets another hedgerow at each end

The regulations do not apply to any hedgerow within the curtilage of, or marking a boundary of the curtilage of, a dwelling house.

The local planning authority may refuse consent only if the hedgerow is "important". For these purposes, an important hedgerow is one which is 30 years old or more and meets at least one of the archaeological and ecological criteria set out in the regulations.

It is a criminal offence to remove a protected hedgerow in contravention of the regulations.
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