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Tree Works Guidance

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Application Form
Application for tree works: works to trees subject to a tree preservation order (TPO) and/or notification of proposed works to trees in a conservation area
Guidance on tree works.

This form should be used by anyone proposing to undertake works to trees in a conservation area, or works to trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

What the law requires:
The consent of the Council is required before any work is carried out to trees which are subject to a TPO. However there are some special circumstances when there is no need to get the Council's consent, for example, when a tree is dead or dangerous, or when the work is necessary to comply with a statutory obligation.

There is a duty to give the Council six weeks notice before carrying out works to trees in conservation areas but not covered by a TPO. This gives the Council the opportunity to consider whether an Order should be made to protect the trees. If the Council does not inform the applicant of its decision within six weeks of the application, then the applicant may proceed with the works.

It is a criminal offence to undertake works to trees without meeting these requirements.