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Outline With Some Matters Reserved Guidance

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Application Form
Outline With Some Matters Reserved
Guidance for outline planning permission where some detailed aspects are included at outline stage.

The Outline With Some Matters Reserved form should be used for outline applications where some of the detailed design elements are reserved for future approval.

What is an outline application?
Applications for planning permission for the erection of buildings may be made initially without full details of all design elements of the proposal (ie access, appearance, landscaping, layout or scale). These are applications for outline planning permission.

Rules for Outline applications
Outline applications must be accompanied by more than just the bare minimum of a location plan.
- Applications should include information on the uses proposed for the site, together with any distinct development zones, and indicate the amount of development proposed for each use.
- Where access is reserved for future approval, the outline application must indicate the areas where access points to the development are proposed.

If an outline application is approved it will need to be followed up by applications for the approval of reserved matters