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Full and Listed Building Consent Guidance

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Application Form
Full and Listed Building Consent
Guidance for Full planning permission with Listed Building Consent.

The Full and Listed Building form should be used for development proposals where, in addition, the works involve the
demolition, extension or other alteration of a Listed Building.

Listed Building Consent is needed for ANY alterations, extensions or demolitions which affect the character or fabric of a listed building. This applies to ALL PARTS of the building, interior and exterior, regardless of the listing grade and whether the feature to be altered is mentioned in the official list description. This will include boundary walls. It may
also apply to associated buildings which are within the curtilage of the principal building. Curtilage
buildings are ones which form part of the land and have done so since before 1 July 1948.

If your proposal affects a listed building which is also a Scheduled Ancient Monument, you will need to
make an application to English Heritage for Scheduled Monument Consent. This supersedes the
requirement for Listed Building Consent.

Please note that it is an offence in law to carry out unauthorised works to a listed building.