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Full Planning Guidance

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Application Form
Guidance for applications for full planning permission for changes of use or building and engineering works, for example:

- New house in the garden
- Housing or industrial development
- Change of Use of a property
- Conversion of a building to 1 or more dwellings
- Works to non-residential property eg shop fronts
- Anything outside the garden of the property (ie stables in a separate paddock)
- Rebuilding

There is a simplified application form for householder developments, such as:

- Extensions
- Conservatories
- Porches
- Dormer windows
- Alterations (new windows/doors, cladding, solar panels, microwave aerials, wind turbines)
- Ancillary building (garages, summerhouses, sheds, workshops)
- Fences or walls
- Accesses to the highway eg new or altered access
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