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Craft Showcase

The Craft Showcase changes every month, displaying a variety of crafts.

All items in this showcase are for sale at the Alfred East Art Gallery

If you are interested in exhibiting in the Craft Showcase please email us at museumandgallery@kettering.gov.uk  


june craft case

Mary Canny, Glass

"I am influenced by my love of the countryside, and nature which drives me to design functional decorative glass objects, with an environmental ethos. My work is created using discarded glass, destined for landfill sites. The aim of reusing bottles, double glazed units and other found materials is to promote the reuse of all waste materials. I wish to plant seeds for positive change, in the future encouraging thought and discussion on current approaches to sustainable design."


July craft case

Kelly Gardner, China Mosaics

"My work deals with memory, traces and residues of the past. I have always been interested in collecting vintage objects that I incorporate in to my work. Objects with a history, a past life that I have recycled. My mosaics are made from china from various eras that has been chipped, broken and discarded. I have hand cut and reconstructed the fragments. I find the patterns on old china very beautiful and evocative. Flora and fauna to pattens from the 1960's are a constant source of inspiration."