Craft Showcase

The Craft Showcase changes every month, displaying a variety of crafts.

All items in this showcase are for sale at the Alfred East Art Gallery.
If you are interested in exhibiting in the Craft Showcase please email us at

ruth rignall

Ruth Rignall


'I enjoy hand knitting as an instand and portable way of responding to the world around me and the ideas that develop from what I see. I like the balance of control and surprise in the process of designing the knitted piece for transfoming into felt; the soft wool yarn becoming a sturdy fabric. Another everyday meaning of yarn is a story, to me that's an interesting part of making an object such as a bag, which is to be used and worn.'



Stella Benford
Mixed Media


'I have used ideas for this exhibition from places I have visited and sketched. My sculptures are mostly ceramic unless otherwise stated. Using a small amount of license, I love the quirky shapes that take on a life of their own as they grow and evolve. 

Using the slabware method of rolling clay flat and leaving to harden to leather hard state, I cut and join parts together with slip, making holes for metal, wood and wire to be threaded after firing. The structures are then fired and painted.'

stoned affection

Stoned Affection
Jewellery, Accessories, Keepsakes & Mounts


Stoned Affection is a small, quirky shop run from home in Kettering by Susan Askew. She works with beautiful insects, bones and many other natural materials - taking inspiration from nature to create and source weird and wonderful jewellery, accessories and homeware.