Craft Showcase

The Craft Showcase changes every month, displaying a variety of crafts.

All items in this showcase are for sale at the Alfred East Art Gallery

If you are interested in exhibiting in the Craft Showcase please email us at  


august craft case

Fiona Kingdon, Scrollwork in Wood

"I depict intricate landscapes, silhouettes, reliefs and keepsakes using a scrollsaw to hand cut reclaimed and native timber. I explore what imagery the timber offers in the grain, or simply weave the beauty of the wood into my designs. 

I create one off pieces, ranging from small pendants to larger landscapes which take many hours of skill and attention to the timber. The work that emerges is suggested by the wood I find, and the landscapes I love. I hope to make beautiful things whilst indulging my composition to work with wood."


September craft case

Dot Crowe, Ceramics

"Over the years I have used many varieties of clay for projects, in many areas the leftovers are later mixed together to create another clay. The refinement of my work has now moved to the use of Valentine Clays Porcelain Stoneware. I love designing and making my ceramics by hand, favouring simple slabbed or coiled vessels that act as canvases for organic surface designs. Inspiration is taken from nature; natural surfaces, textures and patterns. I must admit I love textures instead of glazes so I use found objects for decoration."