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Housing - alterations by tenants

You have the right to make certain improvements, alterations and additions to your premises, including decorating outside. You can change the fixtures and fittings as long as you have had our permission, in writing, first. In some cases, you may need to apply for planning permission or building regulation approval.

You must provide detailed drawings, specifications and an estimate of the cost with your application.

It is very important that you contact your neighbourhood manager for safety advice before fitting a ceiling fan in a room with a gas appliance.

We will not be unreasonable about the improvement but we will insist you do the work to a certain standard. If we do not give you permission, we will write to you giving you the reasons.

You have the right to receive compensation for agreed qualifying improvements (we will pay the compensation at the end of your tenancy). We work out the amount of compensation using a set formula, which takes account of the loss of value from the original costs.

Any permanent alteration or addition becomes ours, and you may not remove it when you leave. However, when you leave, we may remove any alteration you have carried out without our permission. We will charge you for this extra work.