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Kettering Borough Council Constitution

Table of Contents

Contents of the constitution are listed below -

A Part 1 - Summary and Explanation

B Part 2 - Articles of the Constitution

Article 1 - The Constitution
Article 2 - Members of the Council
Article 3 - Local People and the Council
Article 4 - The Full Council
Article 5 - Chairing the Council
Article 6 - Overview and Scrutiny Committees
Article 7 - Regulatory Committee
Article 8 - The Standards Advisory Committee
Article 9 - The Executive
Article 10 - Consultation and Partnership Forums
Article 11 - Joint Arrangements
Article 12 - Staff
Article 13 - Decision Making
Article 14 - Finance, Contracts and Legal Matters
Article 15 - Review and Revision of the Constitution
Article 16 - Suspension, Interpretation and Publication of the Constitution
Schedule 1 - Description of Executive Arrangements

C Part 3 - Responsibility for Functions

Responsibility for Functions
Proper Officer Appointments

Part 4 - Rules of Procedure

D Council Procedure Rules
D Council Procedure Rules - Petition Scheme

E Executive Procedure Rules
F Access to Information Procedure Rules
G Budget and Policy Framework Procedure Rules
H Scrutiny Procedure Rules
I Financial Regulations
J Contract Procedure Rules
K Staff Employment Procedure Rules
L Regulatory and Appeals Proceedings Procedure Rules
M Standards Committees/Sub Committees/Joint Committee Procedure Rules and Terms of Reference
N Legal Proceedings Procedure Rules
O Gifts and Hospitality Procedure Rules

Part 5 Codes and Protocols

P Councillors' and Co-opted Members' Code of Conduct
Q Code of Conduct for Staff
R Protocol on Councillor/Staff Relations
S Whistleblowing Procedure Rules
T Protocol on Open Government
U Monitoring Officer Protocols

Part 6 - V Membership of the Council, the Executive and Committees and the Electoral Scheme

Part 7 - X Consultation and Partnership Forums
Part 7 - X Youth Council - Constitution
Part 7 - X Youth Council - Standing Orders
Part 8 - Y Members' Allowances Scheme

Part 9 - Z Management Structure - Areas of Sponsorship

Last updated June 2017

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