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What are we doing?

Greener Borough

This year Groundwork will be supporting these local projects:

Fair Trade - supporting and working with volunteers to achieve the "Fair Trade Borough" status. Meetings are held at The Green Patch, and it is hoped that the group will work with schools, businesses and community groups and organisations to promote Fair Trade throughout the Borough.

Improving Green Spaces - Groundwork will work with Natural-Ise, RNRP and Pocket Park groups to improve green and open spaces within the Borough by giving guidance on developing their project ideas, searching for funding or undertaking practical work.

Schools - over the last two years Groundwork has organized a Sustainable Schools event at Wicksteed Park, where over 450 children have taken part in activities run by various organisations linked to the Sustainable Schools Framework. This year, Groundwork will be offering schools educational visits to The Green Patch, where children can get involved in a number of sustainable school activities.

Groundwork will also continue to work with the Northamptonshire Police to deliver environmental missions to children in schools, as part of the NYPD scheme.

The Green Patch - Groundwork is managing The Green Patch, a community allotment situated on the Grange Estate in Kettering. Currently the project has volunteers to help to grow vegetables and fruit, and the site provides opportunities for various school and disabled children's clubs, and complementary education sessions. We sell fresh fruit, vegetables and eggs at affordable prices, so pop in and see us!

Retro fit Homes - KBC's housing team have been working on some of their properties to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst saving their residents money on their energy bills.

How to get involved in the Greener Borough project

If you have any questions (or ideas!) on how to make your home, school or local area a greener place to live, please contact Groundwork Northamptonshire onĀ  Alison.Phillips@groundwork.org.uk or 07912 274 633.

Last updated 06/12/2011

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