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Grounds Maintenance

Highway Verge Maintenance

Highway verge maintenance is the responsibility of Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) as the Highways authority. Kettering Borough Council (KBC) cut the grass on their behalf and up until 31st March 2011 NCC have funded 5 cuts across all towns and villages.

Following a budget review in 2012, Northamptonshire County Council have cut the budget for verge maintenance so they now only fund 2 cuts a year. Kettering Borough Council have decided to continue to maintain the level of the subsidy it provides, in order to maintain higher standards than can be achieved from the County Council's budget alone.

There will however be a significant reduction in service due to Northamptonshire County Council's budget cuts in this area. There will be fewer mowers allocated to verge maintenance, meaning that the number of cuts has to be reduced; consequently grass verges will be longer than in recent years. In addition, the functions of strimming around obstacles and blowing the grass back onto the verge,  will no longer be carried out.

If you would like more information, or would like to express any concerns you have as a result of this reduction in service please contact your local Northamptonshire County Council Councillor which you will be able to locate on the County website Find my County Councillor

Alternatively you can ring Northamptonshire County Council.

These changes do not affect the standard of service the Borough Council provides in its parks and open spaces, or on housing estates where it is the landowner, which are unchanged from previous years.

Summary of grass cutting carried out by KBC and NCC:

 Area of work

 Work funded byNCC

 Work funded by


 Highway verges inside built up areas - Kettering and Barton Seagrave
 2 cuts
5 cuts
 7 cuts
 Highway verges inside built up areas - Desborough, Rothwell, Burton Latimer and villages
 2 cuts
 5 cuts

 7 cuts

 Rural roads outside 30mph limits
 3 cuts
 None  3 cuts
 KBC parks and open spaces
 Nil  Weekly or monthly cuts depending on area
 10-30 cuts per year
 Housing amenity land
 Nil  Weekly or monthly cuts depending on area
 10-30 cuts per year

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