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Allotments in and around Kettering

Borough Allotments

people in field planting crops The Green Patch Community Allotment projectSmall portion of arable land used for growing produce

Allotments are plots of land that people rent so they can grow their own food. 

Kettering Borough Council  is only one provider of allotments in the Borough. All allotments owned by the Borough Council are managed and operated directly by allotment associations or Parish Councils.

Allotment sites vary in size from those with just a few plots to 50-plot sites. They come in  different shapes and sizes; but the most common plot sizes are full plots (250 sq m) and half plots (125 sq m).

Allotment gardening is very popular and there is a  demand for plots. This may mean that you will not be able to get an allotment plot immediately but you should be able to be added  to a waiting list. 

If your allotment is within the borough and you would like it to be included within these pages please email leisure@kettering.gov.uk.

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