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Paying Your rent (Council tenants)


As a tenant of Kettering Borough Council we offer you a variety of different ways to pay your house or garage rent.

These include paying:

It is very important that you ensure your rent is paid in line with your tenancy agreement. If you have any queries regarding the amount you should be paying or which method is the most suitable for your circumstance, then please call our Customer Service Team on 01536 410333 or visit one of our Customer Services Centres.

Direct Debit

You can pay your house or garage rent monthly by Direct Debit, so long as you have a bank or building society account that will accept Direct Debit.

You can choose to make your Direct Debit payment on either the 8th, 15th, 22nd or 28th of each month for your convenience.

To set up a direct debit payment, you can download a Direct Debit form for payments to be made from your bank or building society. Once completed return this form to our main office at Kettering and we will set this arrangement up for you.

You can also collect the Direct Debit mandate from any one of your 4 local Customer Service Centres.

Standing Order

You can choose to pay your rent via a bank standing order. This is a flexible payment method as it can be set up to pay on either a weekly or monthly basis. It is also a convenient payment method as you set the date the standing order is paid.

Before you set up a standing order however, it is very important that you contact us and agree the amount the standing order should be set up for. Unlike a Direct Debit we do not instruct your bank as to how much the payment should be for so it is vital that this is agreed beforehand.

This will prevent any arrears from accruing on your rent account.

If you wish to pay by Standing Order please contact your bank with the following details of the Council's bank:

HSBC, 9 High Street, Kettering.                        

Sort Code : 40-26-07  Account Number: 11268732

You will also need to provide your Rent Reference (found at the bottom of your rent payment card) as a payment reference; otherwise this payment may not reach your rent account.

Remember when your rent changes, please call us to confirm your new payment amount.

You can download a Standing Order Mandate form here.

It is your responsibility to contact your bank to amend the payments.

Paying via Allpay, at the Post Office or over the phone


An Allpay card is a plastic swipe card that can be used to pay your rent by cash, cheque or debit card.

The Allpay card can be used at local shops, newsagents or petrol stations providing they show an Allpay sign. The shop or garage staff will not be able to see your rent account or be able to give you a rent account balance so it is important for you to keep track of your payments and keep all of the receipts of the payments you have made.

Find your nearest outlets here.

If you wish to pay using Allpay then please call our customer service team on 01536 410333 and they can order you a card.

This can take around 7 to 10 days to get to you.

Post Office

You can also pay using your swipe card, by cash or cheque at any Post Office nationwide.

The post office staff will not be able to see your rent account or be able  to give you a rent account balance; it is therefore important for you to keep track of your payments & keep all receipts of payments you have made.

You can contact the Customer Services Centre on 01536 410333 and request a rent balance.

Find your nearest Post Office here.


You can pay your rent by telephone between 8.30am - 5.00pm Monday to Friday by calling 01536 410333. You will need your bank debit card or credit card details. You will also need your rent reference number from your rent card.

Get in touch with Kettering Borough Council

Email: customerservices@kettering.gov.uk. Telephone: 01536 410333.

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