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Energy Saving Measures


With some simple changes to your behaviour and some home improvements, you could lower your carbon footprint and also save money. For example, driving your car more efficiently, switching to low energy light bulbs and turning thermostats down a little could save up to £400 per year.

There are a range of grants to help you with financial support to live a greener life.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home
Measure Annual saving Carbon Saving
Install loft insulation £205 1000kg
Install cavity wall insulation £160  800kg
Install double glazing £140  720kg
Fit floor insulation £50  250kg
Draught proof your windows, doors &  letterbox £30  150kg
Filling gaps between your floor & skirting board £25  130kg
Insulate your hot water pipes £10  65kg
Fit a condensing boiler £170  875kg
Upgrade heating controls £105  530kg

Make some changes to your behaviour
Annual saving 
Carbon Saving
Drive your car more efficiently £220 430kg
Turn down your thermostat by 1ºC £65 330kg
Switch to energy saving lightbulbs £50 200kg
Switch your appliances off standby £37 130kg
Wash your clothes at 30ºC £11 45kg
Turn off lights when you leave the room £7 25kg

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