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Local housing allowance

LHA is a scheme of Housing Benefit for people living in private rented sector accommodation, with some exceptions to the scheme including:

  • Local Authority tenancies
  • Housing Association tenancies
  • Supported accommodation provided by local authorities, social landlords, charities or voluntary organisations
  • Tenancies that started before 15/01/1989
  • Tenancies with substantial board and attendance

LHA is usually paid to the tenant. Under LHA a tenant cannot simply request that payment is made to a landlord to cover their rent. "Vulnerability" or the tenant being unable/unlikely to pay must be proved first. 

For the Attention of Council Tenants

From the 1st April 2019, the way Housing Benefit/Housing Element for Universal Credit entitlement is calculated for Council Tenants will change.  This means that the amount of Housing Benefit/Housing Element you are entitled to receive will be capped to the Local Housing Allowance rate.  Click here for a guide we have produced which will explain how these changes may affect you.

At the rent service website you can also search to see which BMRA (Broad Rental Market Areas) your home falls into, calculate what level of LHA you are entitled to and see the current rates of LHA, alternatively if you already know which area your home falls into, then current rates are available below.

Kettering Borough Council LHA rates effective from the 1st April 2017.

Northants Central: Leicester & Surrounds:
  • Shared Accommodation Rate £52.24
  • 1 Bed self Contained £82.40
  • 2 Bedrooms £105.94
  • 3 Bedrooms £123.58
  • 4 Bedrooms £164.79

  • Shared Accommodation Rate £59.59
  • 1 Bed Self Contained £86.30
  • 2 Bedrooms £109.32
  • 3 Bedrooms £126.58
  • 4 Bedrooms £163.16

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