The KBT Building
Kettering Borough Training (KBT) are an independent service unit within Kettering Borough Council; as the only local authority training provider in Northamptonshire delivering Study Programme and Apprenticeships we are committed to supporting the development of local businesses and young people in the community by providing high quality training, support and guidance.

Through Apprenticeship’s and the Study Programme we enable local learners to gain vocational skills, employability skills and technical skills in a number of different industry recognised qualifications. Our mission is to develop learners’ skills to ensure they achieve their full potential to meet local employment opportunities.

What makes us different?

As the only local authority training provider in Northamptonshire we are passionate about what we do for local businesses and local learners. By collaborating with other services and organisations our objectives are to reduce the number of people classified as not in education, employment or training (NEET) and contribute to the improve the skills and employment levels in the county.

We endeavour to do this by ensuring we select talented, driven and energetic young people for apprenticeship opportunities and by tailoring our training programmes to ensure it meets the needs and objectives of the business and the learner.

Developing Relationships

Our extensive network of contacts, partnerships and collaborations ensure we can go beyond what is expected of a private training provider. We endeavour to provide impartial information advice and guidance to learners and employers.

With over 30 years of experience training and developing young people within the borough through apprenticeships and youth training programmes we have tailored our approach ensuring that by relevant training we get the best results for our learners and employers.

Why KBT are the provider of Choice?

Only Local Authority Training Provider in Northamptonshire
We are in a unique position to have the support and governance from an innovative and forward thinking local Council that is focussed on improving the quality of life for the local community.

Accredited Support
KBT has invested time in developing an effective network of support for learners and employers. Using internal and external contacts to ensure you get the help you need.

Inspiring, Professional & Supportive Staff
Our experienced team are dedicated to providing ongoing information, advice and guidance. Even when an apprenticeship has been successfully completed or learners have moved on from the Study Programme we are here to offer our support.

Training Reflects up-to-date Industry and Sector Practices

Whether it’s the Study Programme or an Apprenticeship we ensure the learning is relevant to the individual and the job role they are working in, or aspiring to work in.

Understanding Employers Training Needs
Through skills scanning the workforce we can support employers to implement a training programme of new and existing staff to enable businesses to meet there objectives.

Good Pastoral Care
From our experience we know there are a number of barriers to learning; we aim to create a calm secure and safe environment for learners, and to ensure they have the additional support and guidance they need to overcome barriers to learning allowing successful achievement.

Convenient Location
Based in the centre of Kettering we are in a prime location for learners to access training. We have good transport links including the railway and the bus interchange on our door step.

Good Retention Rates
We ensure that learners receive the most appropriate training to help support their development and ultimately employability. We aim to support learners to progress into full time employment or further Education.

Individual Leaning Plans
All training is delivered based on the needs of the employer and needs of the learner. We ensure learners have a coherent plan of training with key targets and time frames detailed to ensure a focussed approach to learning.


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