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Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s)?

What are Police Community Support Officers (PCSO’s)?

There are currently 21 Police Community Support Officers working in the Borough of Kettering and good feedback is being received from local communities.

They are jointly funded by the Police and Kettering Borough Council.

Working with Community Beat Officers they provide a visible and accessible uniformed presence on the street, improving the quality of life in the community and offering greater public reassurance.

PCSO's are support staff employees, as opposed to police officers.

They are not replacement for police officers but are there as an additional resource to deal with many of the tasks that do not require the experience or powers held by police officers but which can often take officers away from more appropriate duties such as tackling serous crime.

They wear a uniform that makes them recognisable as being employees of the Police Force but distinct from police officers. All carry personal identification.

PCSO's are full-time members of Northamptonshire Police staff and have been recruited to ensure they meet the high level of integrity expected of all staff.

They are subject to the same level of standards and scrutiny as other staff and they are fully accountable to the local Police Area Commander.

Last updated 08/08/2013

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