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You Said - We Did

Customer talking to Customer Service Advisor

When residents tell us about things that could be improved we make changes  to improve. Below are detailed examples of what residents said and how we responded:

You Said We Did
Action Taken
Remove fly tipping as quickly as possible
On average we remove fly tipping in less than half a day of it being reported to us
There are too many teenagers hanging around
We have worked with 227 young people at hotspots in the Borough to divert them away from crime and anti social behaviour. The Council also runs playschemes through the school holidays. Visit Playschemes and Sports Schemes to find out more
There is a high level of anti social behaviour in the area
The number of families receiving parenting support where anti social behaviour is identified has been increased 
There is too much criminal damage taking place
88 new Neighbourhood Watch schemes have been set up
There should be more CCTV cameras

We have installed 500 personal CCTV cameras in residents homnes and funding for a further 800 has been secured

69 fixed cameras are now linked to the Kettering Borough CCTV Control Room

CCTV has been installed in an additional 16 taxis

There is too much violence in the town centre at the weekend

Violence in the town centre has been reduced by 153 crimes over a five year period, a 33% reduction, as a result of closer working between publicans, and their organisation, Pubwatch, the taxi trade, the Council, Police and Chamber of Trade. A variety of schemes to ban people from pubs or from town, prevent violence on the street and in pubs, detect drugs misuse and control sales of alcohol are in place, including:

Most licensed premises in Kettering Town Centre are now members of the Pubwatch Scheme. Pubwatch initiatives include the introduction of polycarbonate replacement glases and body worn video cameras for door supervisors

There are too many homes being burgled
In the Borough we marked property with forensic coding in 577 homes as a deterrent against burglary
If you get burgled  they target you again
To prevent repeat burglaries security has been upgraded in 122 homes and 8 alleyways have been gated in the Borough
People don't have to pay for their crimes
Through funding secured from the Community Cashback Initiative, which gives local people a say in how recoverd criminal assets should be spent in their communities, 800 personal household CCTV cameras have been distributed.

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