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How to report Antisocial Behaviour

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If you believe you are suffering from Antisocial Behaviour you should report this to the relevant organisation who can help you:

Type of Antisocial Behaviour
 Organisation Email and Web

Threatening behaviour
Verbal abuse
Drug dealing
Alcohol related issues
Domestic Abuse
Physical violence
Hate or racist incidents
Vehicle nuisance
Prostitution/sexual acts/kerb crawling

Police Contact your Safer Community Team through the Police website

Noise nuisance
Dog fouling
Fly tipping
Abandoned vehicles

Kettering Borough Council

Complete the online form or email


01536 410333
The Family Information Service can support families with specific issues Northants County Council
 Visit Family Information Service or email fis@northamptonshire.gov.uk
01604 237935

Get in touch with Kettering Borough Council

Email: customerservices@kettering.gov.uk. Telephone: 01536 410333.

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