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Barking Dogs

Barking is normal and natural behaviour for dogs. If it happens often and for prolonged periods of time it can be very annoying, especially to your neighbours.

Dogs often bark when their owners are out, so you may not realise just how much of a disturbance it can be. It isn’t nice to be complained about, but your dog is your responsibility and it’s part of responsible dog ownership to ensure your dogs barking is not causing a problem.

Research has shown that calmly discussing a problem and working together to reach a satisfactory outcome is  more likely to work than ignoring the issues that prompted the complaint. When speaking to your neighbours, stay calm and try to see the complaint from their point of view. They may have small children, be retired or work  from home and so can be subjected to barking several times daily, when you are out at work.

For more help in reducing your dog’s barking please see gov.uk

To make a noise complaint complete our online form

The Council must respond to complaints about any kind of noise.  If the evidence indicates that the complaint is justified, then the Council will contact you. If you take no action then the Council has legal powers to require you to do something or you may face prosecution and fines. In extreme situations the dog may even be seized and kenneled until the case is heard by the Courts. 

Useful Contacts

The Dogs Trust
020 7837 0006

The R.S.P.C.A
0300 1234 999

The Blue Cross
01993 822651

Last reviewed 09/05/2017

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