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What is Antisocial Behaviour?


The Crime and Disorder Act 1998 defines the term "Antisocial Behaviour" as acting in:

"a manner that causes or is likely to cause harassment alarm or distress to one or more persons not of the same household as him/herself."

The term antisocial behaviour covers a wide range of selfish and unacceptable activity that can blight the quality of community life or the environment we live in. Terms such as 'nuisance', 'disorder' and 'harassment' are also used to describe some of this behaviour.

Examples of Antisocial Behaviour include:

  • Disorder in a public place
  • Drunkeness
  • People dumping rubbish and abandoned cars
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Racial disputes
  • Begging and antisocial drinking
  • Noise nuisance
  • Verbal harassment
  • Juvenile nuisance
  • Vandalism, graffiti and fly-posting
  • People dealing and buying drugs on the street
  • The misuse of fireworks
  • Yobbish behaviour and intimidating groups taking over public spaces
  • Dog fouling
  • Excessive littering

Antisocial behaviour ruins lives. It doesn't just make life unpleasant, it disrupts the lives of many people within our communities and creates an environment where more serious crime can take hold.

Read more about antisocial behaviour on  www.gov.uk/asbo.

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