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CCTV in Kettering

CCTV What is it for ?

mounted closed circut television camera Some years ago the Kettering Town Centre Partnership, which represented a wide range of interested groups in the town including the Police and Kettering Borough Council, jointly agreed that closed circuit television should be installed and that it would fulfil a number of functions:-
  • deter and prevent crime
  • reduce the fear of crime and thus reassure the public
  • assist the police in identifying potential criminal activity and investigating incidents of crime
  • monitor traffic.

Implementing CCTV in the spirit of partnership has served to strengthen links and communications between the various partners.

It also provides a means for others who wish to undertake monitoring of their property without the capital cost of installing their own control room facilities. At the moment a growing number of sites other than the town centre are monitored and discussions are in progress with other interested parties.  As the number of partners in the system grows revenue will be generated which will enable the continuing enhancement of the system. This in turn will reduce the fear and feeling of vulnerability.

Last updated 21/12/2010

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