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Hanwood Park (Formerly East Kettering S.U.E.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and Glossary of Terms with a list of commonly used abbreviations

What is Kettering’s Sustainable Urban Extension?

This is the official name of the development of housing, employment land, schools and community uses on land directly to the east of Kettering town. It is often called the ‘East Kettering’ development in the local press. In June 2015 it was given the name 'Hanwood Park' by the developers, who also changed their name from 'Alledge Brook' to Hanwood Park LLP'

It has been proposed by developers and land owners. Outline planning permission was granted for the development of 5,500 homes in April 2010.  This has established the principle of allowing development in this location.

Where did the proposal for Sustainable Urban Extension come from?

In 2003 the Government announced Kettering Borough was to be a designated growth area. As a result, the borough was required to provide 13,100 new homes by 2021. National Planning Policy encourages urban extensions, such as East Kettering, as a way of meeting these targets. Delivering homes in this way, alongside the use of brownfield land, will help reduce other developments on Greenfield sites.

What’s the Council’s role?

The Council must consider planning applications in line with planning law and follow the correct legal process. For example, we consult local residents and businesses on proposals and ensure developer’s plans are sustainable. Adequate provision has to be made for schools, roads, utilities, sewerage, employment sites, green spaces and other important facilities. 

We also look for other ways developments can help the wider area, such as better local transport and town centre facilities.

We achieve some of the above by negotiating payments from developers under Section 106 of the Town & Country Planning Act and we’ve negotiated significantly more than similar developments in other parts of the country. We are also working hard to secure other funding to bring forward the delivery of key infrastructure, such as roads and sewerage. 

What’s the current status of the development?

Kettering’s Sustainable Urban Extension was granted outline planning permission in April 2010. The outline planning permission set some important principles for the overall development which cannot now be changed. This provides some certainty in terms of what will be built and where e.g. the approved Design Code. 

In 2013 the first reserved matters applications were submitted for residential houses to be built. These more detailed planning applications are considered for manageable parcels of housing as they are submitted over the coming months and years. These will be smaller in size and may consist of a few hundred homes at a time. Due to the size of the overall development, it would not be possible to consider a detailed application for 5,500 homes in one go. The Council will look at the relationships between these applications and ensure that the development is considered as a whole. 

In September 2015 the first primary school was opened - Hayfield Cross Primary School, with the capacity for 420 students, 60 in each year group for pupils aged four to eleven.

In April 2016 work on the strategic drainage for the site commenced with Anglian Water delivering a pumping station, attenuation pond and also working off site to lay the drainage to connect from the site to the main water and sewage systems. Once completed all of the parcels within the Hanwood Park development will be able to connect into the new system. The works for this are expected to take approximately twelve months.

What benefits can the development bring to the local area?

We know large scale developments can be controversial. However, they can bring significant benefits. Improvements to local transport, education facilities, more affordable and environmentally considerate housing and new employment sites can all have positive effects on the area. In addition, a larger town will help attract new businesses and retailers, providing more jobs and local choice, all of which contributes towards a quality of life locally.

When is house building going to commence on Hanwood Park (East Kettering)?

In May 2016 work on the first house parcels commenced along with the delivery of a new roundabout at the junction of Deeble Road and Warkton Lane (Access D). As at time of updating, David Wilson/Barratt are on schedule to complete the roundabout on time and are building their show homes and temporary sales office. They hope to have the first few houses completed by the end of 2016 with the building continuing into 2017 to achieve an expected delivery of 40 to 50 dwellings per year.

Kettering Borough Council are keen to see house building commence as soon as possible on other parcels and still continue to work hard with the developers, house builders, NCC Highways and utilities’ providers to progress all matters so that this can happen.

When will the road improvements begin?

There are three key accesses to Hanwood Park - 

Access D – at the junction of Deeble Road and Warkton Lane - commenced and nearing completion

Access E – at the junction of Warkton Lane and Barton Road

Access F – a new access to Hanwood Park at the roundabout at Junction 10 of the A14.

Accesses E and F are constantly being reviewed in regard to when they will commence on the ground. Further updates will be issued when we have a more precise program of works.

List of Commonly Used Abbreviations

Glossary of Terms : This list is provided by the planning portal and is a summary of phrases relating to land use and planning matters in England only. It covers a variety of issues ranging from new development and regeneration, to conservation and environmental protection.

 Last updated 01/09/16

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