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Your guide to Hanwood Park (Formerly East Kettering S.U.E.)

Read our non-technical guide to East Kettering

Jargon Buster:

SUE ~ Sustainable Urban Extension: Large new housing developments which include schools, community facilities, shops and employment land. The Government’s definition is that sustainable communities are active, inclusive and safe, well run, environmentally sensitive, well designed and built, well connected, thriving, well served and fair for everyone.

Outline Planning Permission (OUT) ~ this is a planning application type which agrees the principle of development. A further application for Full or Approval of Reserved Matters would be required before any detailed work could go ahead.

Approval of Reserved Matters / Reserved Matters Application (ARM) ~ here outline planning permission has been granted, without details of some of the design elements of the proposal (i.e. access, appearance, landscaping, layout or scale). An application will be necessary to seek approval for these detailed matters. These are applications for approval of reserved matters. Such an approval is not a planning permission in its own right but has to be read in conjunction with the outline planning permission.

Full Planning Applications (FULL) ~ these application types are for applications for full planning permission for changes of use or building and engineering works. Examples are:

New house in the garden
Housing or industrial development
Change of Use of a property
Conversion of a building to 1 or more dwellings
Works to non-residential property eg shop fronts
Anything outside the garden of the property (ie stables in a separate paddock)

National Planning Policy Framework ~ The National Planning Policy Framework was published by the UK's Department of Communities and Local Government on 27th March 2012, consolidating over two dozen previously issued documents called Planning Policy Statements (PPS) and Planning Policy Guidance Notes (PPG) for use in England. It sets out the Government’s planning policies for England and how these are expected to be applied.

Brownfield Land ~ previously developed land which is or was occupied by a permanent structure, including the curtilage of the developed land and any associated fixed surface infrastructure.

Greenfield Land ~ Land (or a defined site) usually farmland, that has not previously been developed. Not to be confused with ‘Green Belt’

Green Belt ~ a designation for land around certain cities and large built-up areas, which aims to keep this land permanently open or largely undeveloped.

S106 ~ A legal agreement under section 106 of the 1990 Town & Country Planning Act. Section 106 agreements are legal agreements between a planning authority and a developer, or undertakings offered unilaterally by a developer, that ensure that certain extra works related to a development are undertaken.

Kettering East

In 2003 the Government announced Kettering Borough was to be a designated growth area. As a result, the borough was required to provide 13,100 new homes by 2021. The National Planning Policy Framework encourages urban extensions, such as East Kettering, as a way of meeting these targets.

Proposed by developers and land owners, East Kettering is a large Sustainable Urban Extension (SUE), covering an area of 328.5 hectares located to the East of Kettering. Most of the site is used for arable farming, with allotments, including part of 'Green Patch' to the north east. There are two areas of woodland within the S.U.E; Shaft Field Spinney and Stubbs Spinney, both of these areas of woodland will be retained. Other woodland planting including The Osier Bed to the west of Grange Farm will also be retained. The only buildings that are within the S.U.E are farm buildings at Poplars Farm, which is on the northern edge of the site. Cranford Road runs east-west through the southern (bottom) half of the site but the houses and gardens on Cranford Road are not included in S.U.E, nor are those comprising The Grange and Hayfield Lodge. This means that the S.U.E cannot be built on the location of these houses and gardens, but that in time these properties will be encircled by it.

Kettering’s Sustainable Urban Extension was granted outline planning permission in April 2010. The outline planning permission set some important principles for the overall development which cannot be changed. The Approved Indicative Plans and Documents for this application can be viewed here

There was a delay to the progression of the development due to the economic recession, then in 2013 the first reserved matters applications were submitted for residential houses to be built. To view a list of applications received to date please click here

In June of 2015, the developers Alledge Brook announced their name for the East Kettering Development – Hanwood Park.

Kettering Borough council continues to work with developers, house builders, utility providers, national and local highways bodies and other outside agencies to progress the development, see houses built and essential infrastructure put in place.

To see the latest situation please go to our ‘Latest News’ page

Last updated: 27/07/2016

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