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Application Forms, Guidance and Local Requirements

Lawful Development Certificates

Certificates - What is a Lawful Development Certificate?
These are a special type of application that seek to certify that a development is immune from enforcement action because it is lawful.

There are two types of application:

  • one for development already carried out (existing) and
  • one for proposed development.

Either type can relate to uses of land and buildings, or building works or other operations.

Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works to a Listed Building
Further information is available under Listed Building Consents.

There is no equivalent provision to certify that works do not need other forms of consent eg Advertisement Consent

Proposed Use or Operation pack containing

Existing Use or Operation or Actity Including Those in Breach of a Planning Condition pack containing:

Other Relevant Documents:

 Last updated 19/08/2016

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