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Needles or Syringes

What to do if you find a discarded needle/syringe

Image of a Syringe

Do not touch or attempt to dispose of the item yourself

  1. Make a note of where you found them
  2. Report the finding to Kettering Borough Council by either calling 01536 410333, emailing Customer Services or completing the online form

Advice for the safe disposal of them will be given or steps will be put into place to have them removed.

What to do if you should prick yourself with a needle

  • Encourage bleeding, press with a finger - don't suck it!
  • Clean under running water
  • Cover with a plaster if necessary
  • Seek advice from your doctor or local hospital A & E department.

For further information please email the Health & Safety Officer

Last updated 15/06/2011

Get in touch with Kettering Borough Council

Email: customerservices@kettering.gov.uk. Telephone: 01536 410333.

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