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Please note, this website will be upgraded between 25th January and 6th February 2018. It will not be possible to make online payments or complete service request forms on this site during this time.

Missing or Damaged Bins or Boxes

Each household is entitled to one black bin, one grey bin and as many blue and red bins/boxes as they need. Charges may apply in some circumstances for additional or replacement bins.

Repairs and replacements 

If your bin or box goes missing or is damaged then please complete one of the online request forms:

    * Replacement/new Black Bin request form
    * Replacement/new Recycling Bin/Box request form

As part of a county wide waste minimisation initiative any new or replacement black general waste bins issued will be 180ltrs in capacity. Where an old 240ltr bin is damaged we will always try to repair it but if it is not repairable please be aware that it will be replaced with a new 180ltr bin.

We will aim to carryout any deliveries or repairs within 3-5 working days.

Moving home

If you are moving into a new property that does not have a full set of bins and boxes please complete the following online form.

* Replacement/new Black Bin request form

If the property you are moving into is currently empty, please provide us with the date you are moving in. We will ensure you have your bins on this date and it will avoid someone else taking them before you move in.

You will need to register for Council Tax before your bins can be delivered.

Last updated: 20/02/2016

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