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Missed Bin Collection


Your bins must be presented at the kerbside by 6:30am in the day of your collection. You can find out when your collection day is by using our Post code finder.  We will always notify you if we have to change your collection day.

If you don’t put your bin out for collection then we will not return until your next collection day. You can take any rubbish that won’t fit into your bin to the Household Waste Recycling Centre, Garrard Way, Kettering.

On rare occasions it may not be possible for us to access bins due to parked cars, road works or vehicle breakdowns. In circumstances such as these, where we have missed bins on a whole street or a large area of it, we will return the following day and will continue to until we can gain access.

If we are unable to empty your bin because it contains wrong items or it is too heavy for the bin lifts on the collection vehicle, your bin will be tagged indicating what the problem is.

We understand that mistakes can happen so as a gesture of goodwill we will come back and empty your bin but you will need to remove the incorrect items or lighten your bin before we can return.

If you would like more information about what you can put into your bins you can visit our ‘What Goes Where’ pages.

If we miss your bin we will aim to return as soon as we possibly can but will try to do it when we have a vehicle in the vicinity to where you live so we are not wasting money on fuel.

If you would like to report a missed collection then please do so by using our online form or your can contact Customer Services.

Get in touch with Kettering Borough Council

Email: customerservices@kettering.gov.uk. Telephone: 01536 410333.

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