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Street Cleansing


Litter Pickers cleaning the street

All area's within the Borough are cleaned to the standards defined in the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The code is concerned with how clean land is rather than how often is it swept, in simple terms 'If it isn't dirty, don't clean it'.

Four standards of cleanliness are defined in the code of practice as shown below:

  • Grade A - No litter
  • Grade B - Predominantly free of litter
  • Grade C - Widespread distribution of litter with minor accumulations
  • Grade D - Heavily littered with significant accumulations

The Act also requires that local authorities categorise all relevant land into different zones as shown below:

  • Zone 1 Main shopping areas
  • Zone 2 High density residential areas
  • Zone 3 Low density residential areas
  • Zone 4 All other residential areas
  • Zone 5 Amenity beach areas
  • Zone 6 Strategic traffic routes
  • Zone 7 Other traffic routes

Cleansing of Highways, Roads, Paths and Verges

This service includes sweeping, litter picking and general cleansing of public adopted highways and footpaths and emptying litter bins and dog waste bins. Our litter pickers walk approximately six miles every day picking up litter dropped on the street.

Included within this service are Adopted Highway cleansing, cleansing of Borough Council owned parks, car parks, recreation areas, Autumn leaf clearance from mentioned land, public convenience cleaning, removal of dead animals from defined areas and removal of dog excreta from defined areas.

This service is not available for:

  • Private land
  • Unadopted highways
  • Areas of public land within the Borough that are owned and maintained by other bodies

Responsibility for cleaning/maintaining of private land and unadopted highway rests with the land owner.

Graffiti and Fly Posting Removal

We will remove graffiti and fly posting from:

  • Public conveniences
  • Play ground equipment
  • Street name plates
  • Lamp columns
  • Railings

Please note we will only remove graffiti and fly posting from property which is owned and maintained by Kettering Borough Council. This service is scheduled on an as required basis.

If you wish to report litter or graffiti please telephone Customer Services on 01536 410333, email Customer Services or alternatively complete and online Cleansing Request Form .

Last updated 18/03/2011

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