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Christmas Recycling

We can generate a little extra waste at Christmas time but did you know at least 60% of this rubbish can be recycled? Follow these 12 steps to reduce waste and get the most out of your recycling service this Christmas. 

1 Real Christmas Tree: You can recycle your real Christmas tree on your door step after the festivities. Please leave your tree next to your grey or blue bin on your normal recycling day in January. Tree's over 6ft should be cut in half and please remember to remove the tinsel and baubles.

2 Blue Bins: If you have extra recycling this Christmas, don't despair! You can put extra recycling out in a cardboard box or clear bag. Don't forget to squash your plastic bottles to make more room in your bin and bundled card can be left by the side of your bin too. If you always have lots of recycling you can have an extra blue bin for FREE. 

3 Bags for life: Don't forget your reusable bags when Christmas shopping this year. Six billion less plastic bags were handed out in 2017 which means our communities are cleaner, future generations won’t be stuck with mountains of plastic taking hundreds of years to breakdown in landfill sites, and our marine life will be safer. Six billion plastic bags weigh the same as 300 blue wales!

4 Left Over Turkeys: Food waste is a major issue in the UK and Christmas can be a particularly wasteful time of year when it comes to food. Make sure you plan what you are eating this Christmas so you only buy what you need and if you do have any leftovers make the most of them. Visit Love Food Hate Waste for lots of helpful tips and yummy leftovers recipe ideas. 

5 Reuseable Batteries: If any of your presents need batteries, always choose rechargeable ones and any spent batteries can be recycled at Supermarkets or your local Household Waste Recycling Centre.

6 Christmas Cards: Last year we recycled 15 tonnes of Christmas cards and wrapping paper, saving the equivalent of 255 trees! You can recycle your cards and wrapping paper in your red box again this year.

7 Reused Gift Bags: How about giving your presents in gift bags this year? These can be reused again and again, saving even more trees. If you prefer wrapping paper make sure it doesn't contain foil or glitter as this means the paper can't be recycled.

8 Charity Donations: Christmas time and the New Year are a perfect time for having a good clear out of unwanted toys, electronics or furniture. You can donate these to local charities and some will come and collect larger items for free. They will also accept donations of good quality clothes and shoes.

9 Christmas Jumpers: Finished with that old Christmas jumper? Don't throw it away, there are several textile recycling sites located across the Borough. We also operate a door to door textile recycling service twice a year and the next one's coming in the Spring. Keep an eye out for your tag and bag which will be attached to your blue bin.

10 Plastics: Squash those bottles and put the lids back on to make more room in your bin. You can recycle much more than bottles too. Don't forget margarine tubs, yoghurt pots, fruit and veg punnets, plastic takeaway tubs, shampoo and cleaning bottles. Unfortunately we can't recycle your plastic film, cellophane or plastic bags yet - put those in the black bin.

11 Sweetie Tubs: You can also recycle your empty plastic and metal sweet tubs, kitchen foil, metal and foil cooking trays, takeaway containers, Christmas pudding tubs, mince pie trays, empty drinks bottles and fruit juice and milk cartons in your blue bin. 

12 Black Bins: If you follow the steps above then you shouldn't have too much rubbish to put out in your black bin. If you do then please make sure all of your rubbish is inside your bin with the lid closed, we won't take any extra bags of rubbish left out next to your bin. These can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centre.

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