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Council and Committees

Committee Memberships

Below are detailed the Councillors who sit on each Committee - further information on  the functions of each Committee is available by following the link on each Committee name:

Executive (9)

Councillors Roberts (Chair), Bunday (Deputy Chair), Burton, DearingHowes, Jelley, Rowley, Smith and Thurland

Research and Development (7)

Councillors Bain (Chair), Titcombe (Deputy Chair), C Brown, Hakewill, Henson, and Scrimshaw
Substitutes: Councillors Adams, DaviesDonMoreton and Tebbutt

Monitoring and Audit (7)

Councillors West (Chair), Lee (Deputy Chair), Derbyshire, HensonSoans, TebbuttTitcombe
Substitutes: - Councillors DonMoreton, Sumpter and Talbot 

Planning Committee (9)

Councillors:- Lynch (Chair), Soans (Deputy Chair), Adams, DaviesMoreton, Rowley, ThurlandTitcombe and Watts
Substitutes:- Councillors Howes, Jelley, Lee, Mitchell, Smith and Sumpter

Licensing Committee (10)

Councillors Talbot (Chair), Bunday, DerbyshireHensonMitchell, Soans, Sumpter , Titcombe
Substitutes: Councillors Adams, Bain, Burton, JelleyLee and Smith

Planning Policy Committee (9)

Councillor Tebbutt (Chair), Jelley (Deputy Chair), Adams, BainC Brown, DaviesGroomeMoretonRowley
Substitutes: Councillors BundayHowesSmith, Talbot, Titcombe and Watts

Tenants Forum (6)

Councillors BurtonDerbyshire, Don, Howes, Mitchell and Tebbutt
Substitutes: Councillors DearingLee, Scrimshaw, Sumpter, Talbot and Thurland

North Northamptonshire Joint Planning Committee (3)

Councillors: Scrimshaw,  Smith and Tebbutt

Joint Delivery Committee (3)

Councillors Bunday, Roberts and Scrimshaw

Standards Advisory Committee

Julie Miller (Independent Chair)

Mike Sawford (Independent Person)

Stuart Kilpatrick, Lloyd Landry, Brian Christie, Phil Carter (Independent Members)

Douglas Hodkinson and Sally McKeown (Parish Council Representatives)

Councillors Groome, Moreton and West

Last updated 23/03/2017

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