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Publication Scheme

Class 3 - What our priorities are and how we are doing

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 Availability and Cost

Strategies and business plans for services provided by the Council

 Each Service Unit within the Council produces a Service Plan which sets out its aims, objectives and priorities for the financial year

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Sustainable Community Strategy

 Developed by the Local Strategic Partnership for Kettering, this sets out how we will tackle the issues raised by the people of our borough

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Internal and External Organisation Performance Reviews

 In order to ensure taxpayers are getting value for money, the Council is subject to external assessments in relation to performance (Comprehensive Performance Assessment -CPA)

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 Community Safety Partnership/Strategy

 The Council is working in partnership with other agencies and organisations to tackle crime and disorder and our priorities are detailed in the Community Safety Strategy

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John Nicholls

 Waste Management Strategy

 County, District and Borough Councils worked in partnership to develop Northamptonshire's Waste Management Strategy, adopted in 2002

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John Bugby

 Kettering Town Centre Masterplan

 The Masterplan details the vision and action plan necessary for the social, economic and environmental development of Kettering Town Centre to 2021

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Simon Richardson

 Economic Development Strategy

 This action plan is set at local level and targets economic development and sustainable growth within our borough

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Collette Lilley

 Work Programme

 The Work Programme includes matters of significant impact upon the borough and on which the Council intends to take decisions upon in the next four months and beyond

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Updated monthly

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Anne Ireson

 Capital Strategy

 This sets out a high level summary of the Council's approach to capital investment.  It plays an important role in the Council's service plan and budget process

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Mark Dickenson

 Key Performance Information Booklet

 We collect and publish information relating to a wide range of services in order to publicise how we have performed.  Please refer to the minutes of the Monitoring and Audit Committee

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Information updated annually

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Suzanne Jackson

 Annual Audit Inspection Letters

 These reports are produced by an independent external auditor and assess the financial statements, value for money and the conduct of business by the Council

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Mark Dickenson

 Local Area Agreement

 A new way of working which sets the framework for Central Government, Local Authorities, The Police and Primary Care Trusts to work together to provide services within a certain area

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2006 - 2009

 Impact Assessments

 The Council is committed to promoting and sustaining equality and has developed the Corporate Equality Scheme to eliminate unlawful discrimination

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Assessments are currently being carried out and will be available March 2009

 Service Standards

 The Council has produced service standards which set the guidelines to which staff must adhere to when dealing with customers

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 Public Service Agreements

 (PSAs)  Set out the Government's priorities they wish to achieve during the next spending period Not currently publicly available, request via Freedom of Information Advisor, subject to exemptions

 Not currently publicly available, request via Freedom of Information Advisor, subject to exemptions

Local Development Framework 

Previously known as the Local Plan, this consists of a suite of documents including a Core Spatial Strategy, Area Action Plans and Local Development Documents

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Simon Richardson

Free to view online
Copy documents will be charged as follows:North Northamptonshire Core Spatial Strategy - £10; Kettering Town Centre Area Action Plan (Submission) - £10; Rothwell & Desborough Urban Extension Area Action Plan (Proposed Submission) - £10; Site Specific Proposals Local Development Document (Issues Consultation) - £10

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