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Street Naming and Numbering

New Estate in Mawsley Village

It is the duty of local authorities to name streets and number houses.

Firstly a Building Control Officer has to establish whether a new street name is required. If so, the Building Control Officer will normally seek to obtain more than one suggestion from the developer.

It may be the case the developer will decline from suggesting names. In such a situation, the Building Control Officer, if applicable, will consult the local Parish Council for their suggestions, or, if the developer has suggested a new street name, further consultation may take place with the Parish Council for their comments, giving 21 days for a reply.

In some cases it may be that the developer does not wish to suggest a street name and that the development may not be within the confines of a Parish, thereby creating a situation whereby no suggestions for a street name or names are forthcoming. In such a case the Building Control Officer will formulate suggestions for a new street name and if no objections are received from the Post Office or Emergency Services, the owner/developer is then notified of the new street name.

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