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Benefit Changes in Circumstance

Please let us know

If you are in receipt of Housing and/or Council Tax Benefit and there is a change in any of your personal circumstances, you must let us know in writing within one calendar month.

If you don't tell us of the change within one calendar month, and the change results in increased benefit, we will apply the change to the Monday following notification. If benefit decreases, we will go back to the date of the change.

If you fail to notify us within one calendar month and you are overpaid benefit, you will have to pay this back.

Changes that must be notified in writing include:

  • any change to the household income and savings
  • if anyone joins or leaves the household
  • any changes in rent
  • any temporary or permanent absence from home
  • any hospitalisation of claimant or partner
  • any change in the Tax Credit you receive

This list is not exhaustive. If in doubt let us know of the change and we will confirm if it affects your benefit.

If you notify the Department for Work and Pensions or the Inland Revenue of any change in circumstance please also notify us in writing.

Continuing entitlement is checked throughout the year by a program of visits, postal and telephone checks.

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